Healing Circle

”Our Heart is bigger than our Mind.”

What is a Healing Circle?
A Healing Circle is a salutary circle of women into which each one of them gives her own medicine. The healing effect of this Circle unfolds through the presence of each woman in the circle, but reaches far beyond its borders.
For thousands of years people have gathered in circles. May it be around campfires, for round dances, sit-ins or even “only” a coffee clutch. In our work, we saw that this way of gathering seems to appeal to many women. The circle transports a spirit of connection, security and sometimes even a “nest-feeling”.
Special about this circle is that each woman can bring in her own personality, her own spirit – and at the same time she experiences the growth of something new, of something bigger than herself.
This way, the woman cannot only contribute her own medicine to heal the circle, but can also “profit” from all the energies brought into the circle.
As doctors we were taught to “give medicine”. Patients were trained to trust the medicine given to them and to mistrust her own body-intuition.

But in the practical experience as a doctor a key to healing unfolds: the most salutary medicine is inside the woman herself.
In a safe space, in slowness and in the silence of listening, we can remember this medicine inside of us and take it.
The Healing Circle is such a safe space. It can be experienced in many different ways. Sometimes it feels like a childhood memory, when we were meeting our best friend at night under the blankets – telling her our secret dreams. It might also feel like a beautiful meadow where we can dance frolic and wildly.

And sometimes, it feels like an adult woman meeting herself in the mirror of another, realizing: I am not alone.
What happens in a Healing Circle and who opens the safe space?
Dr Beate Maul opens the safe space. Together with the participating women this Circle of holistic healing is initiated. Dr. Beate Maul brings in the medicine and experience and intuition as a doctor, but she is at the same time just a part of the Circle.
In the Healing Circle we all trust the power and guidance of the Circle for healing to take place, the circle is the connection to the divine source of healing.
In the circle each participant may bring her own topic. This topic can be of physical or psychological nature. In an individual way the Circle will support and strengthen her (in addition to her own medicine) in her own healing path. The woman who is supported by the Circle can later also support other women in their processes with her medicine and presence. This way, the woman who is in need of help and healing will also be a healer for other women and herself. She realizes that she can be – and is always – in both roles.
Who can attend the Healing Circle?
Basically every woman of any age can attend the Healing Circle. Whether a woman feels ill or not is irrelevant. Women who are interested in the healing of the feminine are just as welcome as women who have physical, psychological or spiritual problems. If you have been diagnosed with a disease, we point out that the Healing Circle does not replace any medical treatment, but can deeply support your healing process. It can also help prevent diseases of any kind. In a global sense the Healing Circle supports the global “awakening women” process to a happy and healthy community of women on this planet.
In short: it is suitable for any woman who wants to nurture her female soul and body and who is interested in discovering her own healing powers.