this is our the first english online Sadhana


roughnigts-Sadhana: 21.12.2016-06.01.2017


The Rough Nights ( Rauhnächte ) are the nights between one year and the following. They start short after Yule winter solstice. Winter solstice is the longest night in the year, a consecration night in the nordic wheel of life.

The 12 nights in between are nights of preparation and great insights. In the celtic tradition these nights were celebrated with rituals, burning incense, praying, dancing and calling upon the spirits.

The term „between the years“ is a common phrase today.
The old has not yet gone and the new one is not quite there yet.
In fact, this is a „no-time“ if we start from the lunar year, exactly this 12 days less has, as the sun year.

It is said to be a time, when the portals to other dimensions open wide. It is much easier for us, to connect to our higher selves. It is a transition period from chaos to order.

The centre for the feminine wants to celebrate this time of the year together with you and a powerful circle of women, ready to be the change in the world, they are longing for.

We want to clear old energies, say goodbye in deep gratitude for all that has brought us here and call in the new year from deep within our hearts.

In this online Sadhana you will receive daily inspiration emails, inspiring rituals and meditations, so that you can join into a circle of women from all over the planet. Together we will build a strong field of transformative energy, welcoming the new year in peace and harmony.

There will be a facebook-group, so you can exchange your experiences and insights and ask questions during the Sadhana.


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