A feminine body needs a feminine medicine!

In my medical practice as a doctor and my thirty years of experience in different “medicines”  especially in Chinese medicine I meet many women every year who have to make essential decisions concerning their bodies and souls.

Many of them feel the pressure that a medical system filled with fear and a lack of time and compassion puts on them. They find it hard to hear the voice of their own body among all the voices around them giving them advice or even telling them the supposed “only way” to recover.

Sometimes it seems like there is no “feminine way” to heal in this jungle of professional advice.
No practice that really acknowledges the needs of a feminine body.

For many years, I had been searching for a “feminine answer” to dis-ease. My  journey led me from the Western medicine to Chinese medicine and its philosophy, to energetic healing, shamanic healing and – at last – to Chameli and the feminine spiritual practice. In 2012, I attended her Temple Group Training in Corfu.
As I experienced the process of the practice in my own body, and witnessed the transformation in the other women’s bodies, I realized: This is a feminine way of healing! 

The circle of women, united in presence and compassion is a powerful instrument initiating self-healing qualities in every single woman.

We already know that emotions (the story we tell ourselves about our feelings) and dis-ease are inevitably linked to each other. In Chinese medicine, emotions are even one of the main causes for disease. Deep within ourselves, we all feel, that dealing with emotions and feelings is part of the key to healing in a feminine way. But how do we use that key?

Step by step, I realized that the way to use the feminine key was not – as taught in many patriarchal traditions – to analyse feelings or even control them. As we do so, we create new blocks in our energy system. These blocks are huge amounts of “frozen energy”. I should not feel this, I should feel this… I should not think in that way I should think in another way or I should even get rid of theses feelings and thoughts….and so on.

We somehow get lost in the should-land and lost in our blocked feelings and probably in our drama!

Now, here comes the key: as women we are strongly connected to our womb and therefore to our feelings. I do not say, that men do not have a relation to their feelings, I just want to point out, that for us, women it is very easy to “feel”.

Now, as we recognize, that feelings, even strong ones like rage or fear or a deep sadness are all just energy, we understand, that the key to healing lies within the feelings.

Our key is: “If there is sadness, go to sadness.” Do not push sadness away, be present with the feeling of sadness, allow sadness to be a physical reality in your female body and then be still and listen. Bring sadness even more “down” into your body. Your body knows what you need. Let your body guide you. Let the wisdom of your cells ride the wave of sadness back to source. And you will see: sadness dissolves, other feelings may come and go and energy will begin to flow.
Just like the Chinese Medicine says: all is Qi, if Qi flows all dis-ease resolves.

This deep insight into female spiritual practice, the very physical experience of my own frozen energy being freed, was at the same time a deep insight into feminine medicine – which has existed for thousands of years just like the feminine spiritual practice: in secrecy.

In the feminine way of healing, diseases are, just like emotions, not seen as enemies, but rather as your ally on the path to yourself.

In this medicine, dis-ease is not something to overcome or even kill, but rather energy to integrate and work with. The way of healing is to nurture yourself and support your body while it/she integrates. The deep wisdom is that your body knows how to heal. It is programmed to be safe and sound! The key is to be in flow, in deep embrace with your feelings as well as with your symptoms, your allies. The more we agree with them, the more we understand that we are already healing.

My path as a doctor leads me again and again to the same insight:
Our feminine body works always FOR us, never against us.
Our body knows exactly what it/she needs.
Love her, embrace her, and nurture her!

Before you make decisions in this medical system, be aware that you are standing in the midst of a field of collective fear. Then, feel into your body – ride the wave of fear and see what is there beyond the fear. Feel it again and again, until you know what your feminine body needs to be safe and sound – what you need to feel whole.

If you are insecure with what you feel, you can reach out to me or another loving, supporting woman, who truly believes in your healing powers or you find some wise women you call friends, and let them remind you of exactly that healing power, that you own and that is your birthright! Let them support you by listening with a compassionate heart, holding you, caressing you until you have reached the ground of your ocean of confusion and emotion – and then listen to the whisper of what YOU need right now. Trust your own intuition! Your body is your temple.

Before you let other people decide about your body and the way YOU want to walk your path, listen carefully what she has to tell!


Thank you for taking your time and reading my words to the end!

Thank you for listening!!