About us
Dr. Beate Maul

Dr. Beate Maul graduated from medical school in 1985. She is mother of two children. Her lifelong passion is the synthesis of different “medicines” to an integral way of healing. Using holistic treatment methods, like chinese medicine,meditation and selfinquiry she has helped many patients on their individual way back to a fertile, healthy and fulfilled life.
Her work is rooted in a deep knowledge and understanding of selfhealing
and the healing power of love.

Her vision about the power of healing through love came clear in a lifechanging Samadhi in 2004.
She is leading seminars in Germany and Italy.
Since 2012 she holds the space for a temple group in Essen, Germany and a deep circle-healing work for women.

Her desire is to create spaces, where the embodiment of the divine in women and men can thrive to a healthy and fulfilled life.

On this journey back to source women and men can reclaim their healing powers by living true to soul.